What type of massage do I need?

Consider what it is that you’re seeking while you’re selecting the type of massage you will receive. Are you seeking relaxation? Request a Swedish massage. Are you looking to relieve tightly wound muscles? Check out our Pfrimmer or Deep Tissue options. Service prices vary by technique and therapist.


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Our Approach & What to Expect on Your First Visit

Our idea of health is rooted in the idea that mental/emotional health, physical health, and spiritual health are all essential to whole-being health. We strive to create a space where all three components can heal. When you walk into Trilogy, there is a yoga studio to your right and stairs straight ahead. Please take the stairs down to our quiet lounge- a common area in our studio. You can take off your shoes, store your phone & other belongings in the cubbies, and utilize any of our community resources. We have books to read, a rebounder, and an inversion table ready to serve your needs! If you are attending a yoga class, make your way back upstairs and sign our waiver. If you are awaiting a massage or wellness service, please take a seat and your therapist will be with you as they are able.

"Awesome place and amazing teachers. Always feel inspired when I go there! Atmosphere is so comforting and everyone who goes is so welcoming. Will keep coming back for sure !!!"

Elspeth Kramer

Trilogy Wellness

7331 W Jefferson Blvd,

Fort Wayne, IN 46804