Reiki Restorative

A slow, quiet stretching class designed to restore the mind and spirit, undoing the week behind you. Reiki healing energy is administered throughout the class.


All-levels yoga flow class. Flow classes include breath-guided movement through sun salutations, balance poses, twists and floor stretches.

Community Deep Flow

Community Deep Flow is a mixture of long, slow holds and easy, peaceful stretches. Class is $6!


Beats is a challenging power yoga class where participants will move & groove to loud music. WARNING: Lyrics may not be “clean” and could be offensive to some ears.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga includes a series of long holds for deep stretches. By holding stretches for 3-5 minutes, we give ourselves an opportunity to practice quieting our mind as well as providing deep release for our fascial system.

Barre-less Barre

Barre-less Barre is our form of a barre class. It’s similar to a barre class in that partcipants will use small hand weights, bands, slides, and lots of muscles! It’s different because we’re not using a barre.

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